National Healthcareer Association | NHA

National Certification Exams Provided at No Additional Tuition Cost

Bell-Brown Medical Institute proudly partners with the National Healthcareer Association, American Education Certification Association, and the American Red Cross to provide certifications. All programs provide an opportunity for the student to take multiple national certification exams in the respective field of study and is included in the cost of tuition.

NHA Certifications

After successful completion of each program, students will receive a Diploma of completion in their respective programs and be able to sit for a national certification through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Certification exams are provided with each respective program. The chart on the next page illustrates the certifications exams provided with each program:

  • The NHA exams the student’s knowledge in two areas:
    Clinical skills evaluation to check their performance on the clinical skills &
  • Theory to check their academic knowledge in subject areas required to be a patient care technician.

American Red Cross Certifications

In addition to NHA career certifications, all students are offered an opportunity to be certified by the American Red Cross in Blood-Borne Pathogen Training during orientation, before the first day of class. Students are encouraged to attend a program orientation and blood borne pathogens training session prior to the beginning of their program. The cost of this orientation and American Red Cross training session is included in the cost of the student’s registration fee.

Students enrolled in the Patient Care Technician or Electrocardiogram Technician Programs are required to attend the American Red Cross Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (CPR) course. This training class is during scheduled class time per the program syllabus. The fee for the American Red Cross certification is included with the student’s program tuition.

Being certified assures employers and the public that you are recognized as a qualified professional and is a means of measuring and documenting knowledge that is usually required to be in today’s medical field.