Admissions Information

General Admissions Requirements

All Applicants must submit their Official High School Transcripts,  or high school equivalency, be 18 years of age or older, and government-issued photo identification.

Externship Requirements

Students enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant and Comprehensive Medical Assistant program have additional admissions requirements that vary depending on the site at which the extern is placed. These requirements must be met two weeks before the students scheduled externship start date and include:

  • Complete Immunization Record or Titers
  • National Background Check
  • Resume
  • Negative Drug Screen
  • PPD Screening

Accelerated Phlebotomy Program Requirements

Applicants in the Accelerated Phlebotomy Technician program must provide proof of previous work or education related experience within the last 5 years to participate in the accelerated program format. Documentation could include letters from employer(s), transcripts or a certificate of completion from a state-approved school.

Class Schedules

Courses will be held Monday through Friday, depending on program enrollment. Bell-Brown Medical Institute offers flexible programs during the day and evening.  This allows students the freedom to attend classes on their schedule. All courses are scheduled to meet for four hours. See the specific program page for details on course schedules.

Registration Fee

Each student is required to submit a registration form and pay a $100 registration fee. Registrations can be made online on the school’s website or in person at any time prior to the start date of the class. Class sizes are limited, so students are encouraged to submit a registration form and pay the required registration fee in order to confirm the student’s placement in the program. If existing or former student’s wish to pursue an additional program at Bell-Brown Medical Institute, an additional registration fee is required.

LPD 101: Leadership and Professionalism Course

Students enrolled in the Comprehensive and Clinical Medical Assisting Programs, Phlebotomy Technician Program, and Patient Care Technician Programs must complete a 4-day “Leadership and Professionalism” course. This course reviews professionalism in the healthcare facility, resume writing, preparation of a professional portfolio, mock interviews, and orientation into the career portal. LPD 101 reviews the tools and skills necessary to obtain employment and become leaders in the healthcare field. Students enrolled in the Accelerated Phlebotomy Program and EKG Technician Programs can voluntarily enroll in this course at no additional cost.